Welcome to Mandalay

July 2017
We were 3 months married and off on our first big adventure as a married couple.
Adam had invited us to journey with him to Myanmar (Burma) to minister to the Burmese people.
Pastor Thawng Awr is a Chin missionary to the Burmese in Mandalay.
Adam had been working with Pastor TA for a few years.
He takes a team to do Bible training at a conference organized by Pastor TA and to minister to the children of the churches in attendance.
We were so excited. 
I would serve in children's ministry.
Tatton would help march the Burmese people through the book of Romans.
It is the very type of ministry that God has been turning his heart toward.
We did not have to hunt down an opportunity.
 God dropped it in our laps.

July 2018
It will have been 15months of marriage this time.
We have moved to a new state and my husband has begun his studies at
Midwestern Theological Seminary.
We have been invited to return to Mandalay to continue the work with Pastor TA. 
and we are so excited to do so!
If you would like to hear more about what God is doing in Mandalay or how you can join in the work please contact me.
I would love to share with you how the Spirit is moving!