Tchad, Africa.
It it hot, dirty, and smells like smoke.
It is full of creatures both great and small.
It is full of people from all over the continent and all over the world.

My time in Tchad was short but full. I met beautiful Africans and even a few Germans and this lovely woman from North Ireland.   I learned customs and words in two foreign languages.  I learned that nose rings are an Arab thing (Talk about a wonderful connecting point!) and resourcefulness needs to be learned by us Americans.  I worked in conditions that would cause any U.S. clinic to be closed permanently.  And it was good.

I ate as an honored guest among Chadian Believers.  Discovered that although "meat" may have good flavor I still don't do strange parts.  Sweet tea in Dixie has nothing on Hot Chadian Tea. There is a bean that makes a "tea" that tastes like a cross between coffee and tea. And toilets can eat shoes.

I learned that tender love is almost a foreign concept among Chadians. Chadian women are not valued and treasured.  Children are yelled at but not instructed. They also die of simple treatable conditions such as diarrhea because people are ignorant and when informed don't listen out of superstition and fear.  I learned that the Chadian church needs strong humble Biblically sound national leaders.  They need to grow deep in their faith and reach out to their neighbors.   They need our prayers.

I learned that dental treatment and well digging can pave the way for the Gospel.  Head coverings, Lafai, and respectful behavior speak volumes as to your relationship with Christ. I learned that God is working in the hearts of M people.  Missionaries are awesome.  The Gospel unifies people of all stations and backgrounds.  Being in a foreign countries make people almost instant bffs. Laughter is good for the soul.

I found coming back was much more of an adjustment than I expected. I prayed that God would move in my heart so that I would be closer to Him when I returned than when I left.  He answered my prayers even though I didn't instantly notice the change.

Hell is real. Time is Short. Jesus says, "Go".


  1. This is beautiful, just like you. I'm so thankful you were on this trip. I have so much to learn about 'going with the flow'. I was watching and taking note. You were a blessing to me and the team. Sending you much love,

  2. It is encouraging to read and learn that the LORD has been nurturing and gently stretching your heart to explore missions overseas. It also brings a gleeful smile to my face to see an American leave the comfort zone of the States to recognise that other countries actually exist. It's not to sound cheeky or anything, it's just something I was surprised to learn from past communication with other Americans.

    Anyhow, it's great to learn that you and the team were challenged to step out in faith to respond to a short-term missions call and serve and learn in every way possible, and that the LORD protected you all. It also reveals that education and medicine are two of the most important and common resources that are needed in ALL countries, which makes it a privilege to be in a field, where one is able to use life-changing skills in the mission field to reach out to others.

    Welcome back once again, and may the LORD continue to stretch your heart with a growing willingness to serve, wherever He calls you now and forever.

    In Christ,


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