Eye Really Hope This Never Happens Again

There I was, engaged in a sermon over Isaiah 66. We were turning to and fro in the Word. Digging into the text.

"All" doesn't always mean "all".   
" A remnant will remain."  
"God's justice will prevail."

Then it happened. As I turned from one passage to another removing my make shift bookmark, the church bulletin,  I inflicted great pain.  It is a fact that one can indeed get a paper cut in their eye.  The body's response to such an occurrence is the shedding of water and sharp pain.  

 Eventually the tears slowed, although they never altogether stopped.  My eyes were suddenly quite light sensitive and I became on of those people who wear their sunglasses indoors.  Throughout the day my eye became less and more painful each in turn.   The severity of my visual impairment necessitated that my sister, Katy, drive us back to the Natural State. Much to my disappointment my eye did not get better by the end of the day.  Thus, not only did she drive me back to her own home but all the way back to mine (1.5hr drive farther)!  

It was in good faith that I went to bed Sunday evening.  Surely, after a night's rest all would be well would it not?  Alas, it was not so rather the next morning it was worse.  In the darkness of my bedroom with the sun peeping over the horizon slightly shining through the closed blinds, I NEEDED my sunglasses.  Apparently,  it was not woven into the tapestry of the history of the world that I should work that day.   At this point I was beginning to wonder if it was woven into the tapestry of history that I should lose my eye! 

By God's grace, the optometrist office was able to schedule an appointment for an hour from when we called  AND the visit would be covered by my insurance.   Sitting in the waiting room with my shades I found a sweet spot.  If I applied pressure to my eye in a particular way the pain would ease.  Thus soothed I fell into a light sleep.

When I did finally see Dr.  P he assured me that I did indeed scratch my eye although my scratch was atypical.  You see usually eyes are scratched by fingernails producing a sort of gouged "wide" lesion. Paper cuts are much narrower which is to my benefit as they heal faster.  He placed the magic patch over my eye and voila!  Pain that left me wondering if I was truly a Believer was reduced to merely pink eye.  I could open my eye! Such a thing is truly miraculous after not being able to do so WITH sunglass in a dark room!  My vision began to clear and I went from only being able to read the LARGEST letters on the chart to something slightly smaller. I was assured that by the next day I would be able to work and that for the duration of the day my eye would be a bit light sensitive and yet fuzzy.

By Tuesday the scratch was 90% healed and my vision much better.  Wednesday things were almost up to par.  Today I must have rubbed my eye too vigorously because it is a bit blurry again.  I hadn't realized how much pride and comfort I had taken in not needing contacts or glasses.  The idea of needing them sort of galls me.  Two years ago the eye doctor told me I could get glasses "if I wanted" and now.... 

Oh eye, please get better!