Doctor Assisted Suicide

Last night after a Bible study when none of us were quite ready to leave,  one of my friends mentioned that there is a woman with a terminal brain tumor who has picked her death date.

He brought it up to get us to thinking about the Biblical response to the situation.   My knee jerk reaction was absolute horror.  My jaw dropped open as I sat dumbfounded at the idea.  Immediately my brain was swimming with words and phrases.

Euthanasia                                                                                                   Wisdom
                          Death                                                                                                       Fall                 
                     Miracle                                                                          Suffering
                              Sovereign                                                                         Selfishness
1 Peter. James. Romans.

The brokenness of this world....  Jesus we need You.


  1. I share your concluding sentiment on a very touchy subject, which has only been amplified in recent months, as we see progressive conversations within the Church, and counselling charities, educators and professionals in the field, since the tragic death of Robin Williams.

    I recognise both mindsets of the selfishness and the immediate state of mind in giving up life, and I personally think it is harder for us as the Church to minister to people who are reserved, introverted or shy away from sharing our true feelings in a very me-centred world. I also recognise the sensitivity of one’s health as a result of terminal illness, which is deeply sad in every way, because ultimately they know they deserve better in a health and life to enjoy like most people who are fortunate with a “normal” health.

    Personally, I believe only God can minister to us in the deepest and darkest hours of our life, and I know from experience that the LORD does (and can) place the right kind of people in our lives to nudge us with enough encouragement to comfort us and even challenge us to see through our difficulties, as we shoulder with another brother or sister in Christ in Christian fellowship. Often the Scriptures work best in God reaching out to us, or in the anointing power and intercessory prayers of the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:26-27). For me, it's the Scriptural promise that we live in the hope of tomorrow, that one day we will be united in Christ (1 Peter 1:3, Col 1:27) and live in eternity without pain or suffering (Rev 21:4).

    In Christ,


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