The Siloam Saga: You're Not Married!?

Tuesday at work

Dr. J. Me. Pt-14yr old Boy

Dr. J to pt:  Make the most of these last two days before school starts!

Pt to me:  I guess that means I need to find a hot date. When was the last time you went on a hot date?

Me:  I've never been on a hot date.

Pt with an heir of incredulity: You've never been on a date?

Me continuing with my business: I've never been on a date.

Pt with eyes widening:  You've never been on a date. What are you 20, 21? 

Me: I'm 23.

Pt continues baffled repeating himself a bit. 

Pt as I led him out of the operatory:  I take it you've never had a first kiss.

Me: Right. Never been kissed and that is ok!

Pt leaves confused and talking to those with him about my dateless kiss-less state at such an old age.

I go to the back and LAUGH & LAUGH & LAUGH!

Today at work

Pt- 9yr old girl. Me.

Pt: Do you have any kids?

Me: No

Pt: Are you married?

Me sweetly and not at all offended: No, I'm not.

Pt with a surprised look and tone: You're not married!? How old are you?

Me: 23

Pt with even greater surprised expression: You're 23 and not married?!!!?

Me laughing quietly to myself: You're right and it is ok! God's timing is best.

My days don't always have such quotable conversations but usually they have at least one patient that is this entertaining.  The catch phrase of the day "Who even says/does that?" from the mouth 10yr old boy hamming it up.  I think we, the family and I, might have at one point laughed until we cried.


  1. My life story. Except with me, it's other adults who ask me the same questions. It's good you can find the humor in it. Thanks for sharing.


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