One word that can evoke great fear.

I learned of Ebola years ago in high school.  When I read my friend's Facebook status about missionaries contracting the disease, it was the first I had heard of the recent outbreak.  My heart sank.  In fact, I choked back tears.  What a horrible way to die.   Not, serving Christ, for that is sweet, rather the deadly virus.

My heart caught in my throat yesterday as I wrestled with the idea of traveling to an infected country. For a brief time I experienced what it is like to be a cancer patient with a very poor prognosis. Ashamedly my initial thoughts were not set on "things above".  Quickly, by the power of the Spirit, I shifted my focus.  What would I do with that time if I knew when I was going to die? How would I live? With whom would I plead to come to Christ? Such. urgency.

Yet, God calls His own to be fruitful(John 15).  Some board planes knowing they will most likely never see their family again.  Other enter jungles knowing they will likely die from the wilderness or a native.  Would that I would find Jesus so sweet.  Would that my heart would so long to see His name made known.

I will not fear death but rather the One who conquered it.


  1. I can't help but smile knowing that one's growing faith is an attractive quality and encouragement to a fellow brother and sister in Christ.

    I believe the everyday testing reality for any born-again Christian to face in one's journey with the LORD is to boldly face the (human) fears of worldly disease through overseas missions, persecution, being forced to renounce one's faith, humiliation, rejection, etc. It's the human suffering that we all need to endure at some point in our lives.

    I empathise with a young heart and the daily struggles in remaining focused on the LORD, as we strive to please Him in all things. I guess that struggle co-relates with the urgency of reaching out to the poor and the needy, and the need to surrender ourselves as we "seek first" the Kingdom of God. The Lord's Prayer from Matthew 6 is a good example, where churches (at least, in the UK) do not use corporate prayer time to seek God's Kingdom as a local church, often replacing a prayer with words of personal wants and needs - or simply to make us feel better.

    In due course of such overseas mission in the near future, I would be happy to subscribe to a prayer letter.

    In Christ,


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