The Siloam Saga: Nottingham and More

A lot has happened in the last month. I do not know where to begin.  My heart and head are swimming with lessons learned and ones that are ongoing.

I've moved in to my first place. Life in Nottingham is lovely.  As you've probably already seen, decorating and making it my own has been delightful.  All I need now is my dining room table in place and all will be set! In good time. All in good time.

In the last month I have developed and cultivated some sweet friendships.  I have definitely been exercising my spiritual muscles as I learn to live out more fully all the "one another"s of Scripture.

My work situation is interesting. It is a matter of prayer.  I am so thankful for the theological frame work that I have to make decisions and those who have greater wisdom that are available to seek counsel from. Although, I am more aware than ever of how much I am influenced by the world and the flesh.

The picture above is from a wedding I helped with.  I *love* helping with weddings.  So much happiness.   The Spirit moved and revealed the condition of my heart.  The abyss of those waters are murky to this woman who lacks understanding.

The bulk of this week has been spent in The Rose City. I have such a beautiful set of friends here.  It is an amazing thing to see the body love on other members who don't live in close proximity.  Its been a challenge to me.  As I see how much I am cared for by people I do not see often, I am convicted about how little I care for, exhibit kindness toward, those I do see.   My family has been crazy busy this week.  I have hardly seen my aunt and even this evening she has fallen ill.  Our last evening is being spent with me finishing this post while we both enjoy an old movie on TMC.

So life is good.  The Spirit is moving.  And I am learning to rest in His promises and obey more.