The Perfect Pretty Present

My mom knows my weakness. I *love* pretty dishes. 
She demonstrated her love to me by buying me 12 place settings of beautiful blue ChurchHill dishes.

As I washed the dishes before putting them away last evening I was reminded of James 1.
"Do not be deceived my brothers, every good and perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of lights with whom there is no shadow or variation due to change."
And I was reminded of the words of Jesus where He tells us that if an earthly father can give a good gift how much better our Heavenly Father. (Matthew 7 & Luke 11)

My mom, who is a good mom who was once dead in her sin, knows me well enough to know that pretty dishes delight my soul.  She cares for me enough to spend the significant amount of money, albeit a wonderful deal, on the dishes just because she knew that I would enjoy them.
What is more, is she was so excited about seeing me happy that she didn't wait until Christmas to give them to me which was her original intention.
How much more does the Father know the things that thrill my heart?
How much more does He care for the me whom he He set His love upon and brought to know Him?
How much more does my Heavenly Father know how to perfectly time a present?

When I am tempted to be discontent or to wish I had a gift that I currently do not have, I pray that these blue dishes serve for remind me that the perfect gifts are from Him.
He gives them in their season and they are for my good.