Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Siloam Saga: I got a place

It is official. I have a duplex. I sign the papers tomorrow and have already given the deposit.
It is a nice place just outside of town.
Three bedrooms. Two baths. Two car garage.
My friend Ashlee will be moving in after her Children's ministry internship in Philadelphia.
I tentatively get the keys on Tuesday.
When I have picture, I will post them.

In other news, work is great.
Leah's wedding is coming up fast.

I have an evil heart that is unwilling to travel just to travel for it feels like a waste of money
 but is wicked enough to travel under the guise of a "mission trip". 
 Bless the LORD He revealed tonight that heart, which I had been stuffing, so that I could not deny it.
I turned down a trip because it was solely about getting to GO instead of going to serve.
YET, in the midst of that, there is still a heart burden for Spain.

The McM family are a missionary couple that serves in Spain that is partially supported by my local church.
They were on furlough this fall and spoke to our college/career class at church.
Ever since they came my heart has been burdened to at least pray for Spain.
And I have. 
I contacted them about maybe serving in some way there this summer.
We shall see what God does.


I may get to use my DHYG skills in Africa.
ABWE seems to be a sound organization that has need of hygienist. 
That this thrills my heart. 
I have said from the beginning I want to use my skills outside of this country.
Possibly being able to bless the missionaries make me super excited.

Having said all this...
I may go no where.
I may stay here in the Springs and love people here.
And that is ok. 
I may see greater depths of sin in my heart.
 Blessed be the LORD that He would reveal it to His child. 

 I was able to spend some time with some young ladies from church this afternoon.
It was a sweet time of fellowship.
We talked a lot about our vision for our college/career group.
We even brainstormed and before we went our separate ways got to pray together.
It was great.

Tomorrow I have my second dinner invite at my Mexican friend Lucy's house.
Last time she taught me to make Salvadoria Papusas and tomorrow we make Chile Rellenos. 
So tasty. I am so excited about how much this helps me with my Spanish and about the Gospel conversations I hope to have.

So my friends please join in prayer with me:
* That I might get to serve in Spain
* that I would be able to serve in Africa
* that I would be hospitable and purposeful in opening my home
*that our c&c group would become like a family
*that Lucy and I would have a Gospel conversation
*that the LORD would bless my language learning and that I would be diligent in study

What is the LORD teaching you?
What can I take before The Throne for you?

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