Saturday, March 1, 2014

Grace-Driven Sin killing

Ouch. I was considering this concept just this week.
 I turn off movies or music because I see that it stirs up the sin that is in my heart.
I realized that I have just wanted it to lay dormant.
I have not been seeking to root it out but rather leave it be under the surface.

Don't get me wrong, we should not idiotically put ourselves in situations where we are tempted.
If I listen to certain kinds of music or television my heart is inclined towards certain kinds of evil.
There is no neutral media for the battle is over our mind- what we believe.
Whatever you put your focus on you worship.
Yet, not only should I seek to NOT put myself in compromising positions I should be
a student of the Word that memorizes, meditates, and prays.
As I do those things my heart will become enraptured with my Savior and no longer will it be inclined with worthless things. 


  1. There's a reason, why Companies label us as "consumers" especially in this day and age. I have worked for a marketing department before...

    The media is a very attractive form of materialism. If we are not careful, they can dictate how we should live our lives... and in ways, they do and can feed the flesh, especially the mind (of self and others). It can alter our opinions, and even the Church are caught up on it - with it's wonders to distract us from the greater focus on the LORD Jesus Christ, and our purpose and mission to build for the Kingdom of God.

    Generally speaking, I believe the LORD can / will speak to us (if we listen carefully) in how we use our time. We have the freewill to waste it on forms of entertainment, or we could use it for God's glory and be in His presence through His Word, or in worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ (or solo with Him alone), or through prayer, or in the needs of others... and of course, in Godly conversation with others. Philippians 4:8-9 come to mind here.

    I speak also for myself!

    P.S. Nice new header image... of a different angle of your feet! :o)

    In Christ,

  2. Haha! I didn't mean to leave that there! I need to resize the image! I've been busy and when I have free time forgotten it needed to be changed!


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