The Siloam Saga: Still Slightly Homeless

In the past week very little has changed. I yet do not have a semi-permanent place of residence.

Last week I spent a few nights with these cuties.  The T family has graciously allowed me a stopping place in their home and say I can come back if I need to. They may wish they hadn't offered.

I didn't work Friday so I spent the weekend at my parents. It was wonderful.  I even was able to see our dear friends the "Pop"singers.

I am phoneless.  Wednesday my phone experienced the drop of death.  The LCD behind the glass broke- not the glass- the actual touchscreen.  I ordered a new one on Ebay that says it will be here not later than Thursday.  Pray it comes early.

I am currently staying at a friend's house while they are on a mission trip in Belize. After this week, I have a couple of options for more layover time but ideally I will have a place to rent.

I have learned how much of a comfort familiar surroundings and people can be.

I have learned that I miss teaching.

That I need to pray for a compassionate heart because compassion is a motivating emotion which compels us to action.

That my "quiet time" tends to be a perk in my relationship with Jesus instead of a priority which is sinful.  That is to say, in the midst of all the churning emotions in my heart I have "prayed" but not really "prayed" and sought the LORD. And when my schedule changed I did not seek to carve out time to spend alone with Him.  Praise the LORD that I get very hungry quickly and must get alone with Jesus and my Bible. 

 I have been convicted by Psalm 84.

I have been to Texas and back. I love my family there-church and biological. Maybe one day the LORD will make it clear that I am to move there.

Lastly, I have several leads on different places.  The tricky part is when things are open. Hopefully my phone will come in early and I can make some phone calls.  Ideally I will be able to find a small house. I want to be able to host things.  I would like to be able to do simple things like Sunday Lunches, girls nights, student Bible studies, and C&C game night.