Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Siloam Saga: The end of a Time

Tonight is my last night in this little house.
It is kind of weird being in this room without my stuff.
I have a small pile at the end of the bed to put in my car tomorrow.
My poor little car.
It is loaded down with all of the clothes I own minus those I am wearing and one load of laundry.
The room is barren.
Juanita has decided that she wishes to live alone.  Primarily she wants my room free to put junk in I think. ;)
She told me Monday I needed to move.
I didn't have to leave quickly but this past month has been rocky. Especially this past Sunday.
We both experienced some hot blood.
I talked to some of her family and decided that it would be best for her if I removed myself as quickly as possible.
The move was such a sudden thing that my things were not packed in a very organized way.
It will be like Christmas unpacking to use my mom's description.
The shop area is littered with boxes and bedding.
Mom sent me home with some stuff last time I was at their house.
It has been too cold to sort and put things away as there is no heat out there.
The mess grew when I moved more stuff from my bedroom out to the shop/cottage.
When I finally get a place to stay, it will be a task organizing all of it!

I have been blessed to have wonderful friends who have said I can use their spare room as long as I need it.
And really, it is a great time for this to happen to me because I was planning on being gone so much.
The LORD will provide just the right housing when I need it.

I am going to miss this house and this neighborhood. 
Bless the LORD that friendships do not end when people move.
On to a different adventure in life.


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  2. Oh wow! Will be praying for you and can't wait to hear about your new adventure!

  3. Chin up! I'm sure your time with Juanita has been memorable, quirky and a blessing - all at once! It is always hard to discern the underlying circumstances, and it must be challenging on the mind to prepare to move away (once again). Perhaps the LORD is nurturing your mindset to live spontaneously, for ways that He wants you to learn or even to reveal to you.

    It's encouraging to learn and be presented with new opportunities, especially when you have the blessed option to lodge with close friends, or as you consider your options to live alone - thus giving you total independence.

    Change hurts, but often it's for the good... and quite often beyond our control. No matter what, there is a reason behind such change in our lives. In the meantime, embrace the opportunity and count your blessings! :o)

    In Christ,

  4. Well, what an adventure! We've been praying for you on this, now it will be to find the right place. New, fun adventures await you I'm sure. Midon

  5. Hey girl it's Bridget L! I can totally sympathize with not liking change. I am praying that the Lord would provide abundantly and comfort exceedingly. Let me know next time you are in Fort Smith! :)


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