Christmas has Begun

I am home. The Mentalist is on TV. Children are, each in turn, excitedly wrapping presents with dad then scurrying to put them under the tree. Jo-Beans can't seem to keep her mouth shut about who has gotten what. In some cases,she even knows what others have bought.  J.Alan and I hate it when she hints.  It will be a battle to keep things a secret for two more days. The present stash is growing under the fragrant green boughs.  Tomorrow we have day guests in special for Christmas.

I have attended two Christmas parties. There was to be three but due to lack of guests and then inclement weather we had to cancel.  Our college/Career party was hilarious- ugly sweater+ dirty Santa.

That is on the back of an ugly sweater.

This picture of cuteness is my Sunday school teacher's youngest. She and her siblings are some of the funniest kids ever.

Ninja Cookies

Ricky won the ugly sweater contest. That is a sweater his mother knit for HERSELF. He decked it out with crochet lace ornaments being careful to keep things symmetrical.
Kyle opened a present that will gown down in HABC C&C history. We laughed until we cried.

My middle schoolers had their own Christmas party.  Teaching the boys a new game is like herding cats. I gave up at one point. I am thankful our Youth Pastor can keep their attention.

This paper stumped us at first. We are pretty sure this was supposed to be "pencil".
Lily's intense face during the game. 
Fishbowl is probably the most fun and hilarious game ever.
 All that is required to play is paper, bowl, and a writing device.