A boring update: snow days

I thought for a moment my laptop would stay booted so I could blog with pictures about the snow last weekend. Alas, it did not. I MUST suck it up and buy a new power cord. i just have to figure out which one to buy.

 We got snow. Somewhere between 10-12inches of snow.
My neighborhood was beautiful blanketed in white. I was able to take the opportunity to decorate the house for Christmas. It is just a little bit festive. It makes both me and Nene smile.

My Christmas party was canceled last week due to "inclement" weather. It also meant I didn't make it home to the Fort for the weekend. I got stuck in the snow twice. Both times in my own driveway. It looked rather ridiculous because not how little snow was there.  Silly,Mazda. Our city Christmas parade was postponed as well.

My pipes froze one night and the sink and shower in my bath still have inadequate pressure. All they do is drip which is improvement  from the nothing I encountered the morning after they froze. I am sure there must be a burst pipe under the house but I haven't convinced Nene yet. I should work on that tomorrow.

 Nene is greatly distressed when I venture out in the icy/snowy/coldness. She and I have had a few tiffs over it.  Once about work, once about church, and once about not wearing warm enough dress clothes. She also likes to keep the house feeling like late May.  Her day help and I would turn the heat down when she wasn't looking.  We did tell her what was happening when she started to think the heater was messed up or she was going crazy. She finally realized we were suffocating I guess because the last few days have been better.

The snow has cleared enabling the holiday festivities to go one. I attended my first candlelight service at the local university. The music was lovely but I was dissatisfied with how theologically incorrect many of the religious Christmas pieces were.  Today at church we held the annual Christmas Shoppe blesses struggling families meet some physical need and shares the Gospel with them. I helped with the children while parents wrapped presents and heard a message. I was told there was a rough head count of 60children which includs some of our church family. This afternoon was our college and career Christmas party complete with fish bowl, ugly sweaters and white elephant dirty Santa. Twas a blast. People brought the perfect variety of gifts to make it fun.

 Tomorrow is another day to bless the LORD corporately with other Believers. I am excited. It also holds some relaxing projects and another Christmas party. This time it is middle schoolers!

Told you it was boring. ;)