Shopping, Time, and a Grateful heart.

These are "my" girls. 
(Minus a few)
My middle schoolers that adopted me.
Oh how I love these girls. 
I so badly want to see them love Jesus with every fiber of their being.

A few weeks ago I took them shopping.
We had a blast.
Lots of laughter.
Lots of ooing and ahing over clothes, jewelry, and shoes.

I came back from the trip grateful.
Grateful for women who were willing to go out of their way to help me get the girls there and back.
Grateful for the abundance of time I have to do things like this.

I have been given time.
It is a tremendous resource that comes with much responsibility.
This time of just me is AWESOME.
So much opportunity to just go and do.

Time to
surprise my family with a visit.
go to all the Bible studies.
make yummy food to share.
have people over spur of the moment.
play with the neighborhood kids.
take off work and travel.
spend in the Word and prayer.

My heart is bursting as I write this with gratefulness for this time.
So often I attend the pity party wishing that I had more of a social life or a man. 
I instead must remember what I have learned.
God withholds no good thing from His children.
His ways are higher than mine.
And a life seeking His face and learning to love others is such a joyous thing.


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