Book Review: Home to Heather Creek

Home to Heather Creek is a book series written by a team of authors under the pen name, Kathleen Bauer.
I have enjoyed reading Before the Dawn and Sweet September, the first two books in the series.

In Before the Dawn, the author introduces us to the Stevensons and their grandchildren. The family struggles as they all try to find their footing after having lost their daughter and mother.  I found the book engaging and the characters real. It was one of those books where you want to pray for the character then you realize- they don't exist! Sweet September continues the story letting us peer into the life of this family as they begin a new school year and adjust to this new way of living.

I definitely recommend the read. I was please to find that it was not in left field theologically ( which is a pet peeve of mine).  It is a light relaxing read. I enjoyed reading from a perspective of the grandmother. It was refreshing.

I received these books for review from Litfuse Publicity.