Its Fall Ya'll!

Fall is almost here ya'll.
This morning the air was crisp and it stayed a perfect temperature ALL DAY!
This time of the year is hands down my favorite.

There are beautiful colors. Pumpkins. Beautiful decor. Crisp mornings. The air smells incredible.  Harvest foods. Thanksgiving. Apples. Spices. Hayrides. Bonfires. Oh and football which is a post all on its own. It is overall just a cozy time of year. I love it.

More than all the "stuff", I love the reminder it is for me. Fall, autumn if you wish, signifies two things in my mind.

1. The beginning of a new year.  Most of the world thinks the new year begins in January and technically they would be correct. We begin to write new numbers in the date starting January 1st.  But I mark new years by the school year.  Maybe it is because school has been such a big part of my life. I remember events by what grade I was in. The beginning of a new school year is like a fresh start.  What happens in late August/ early September marks the rest of the "year" for me.   I get into a new routine, decide what I am going to focus on learning & doing, and begin to settle into the newest normal for my life. 

2. The discipline of our loving Father.  This reason is by far the one that causes the most rejoicing and worship for me. In the fall, the leaves begin to fall, plants are trimmed and prepared for winter, and the harvest is gathered in.  I am reminded of how our Heavenly Father strips off the old dead things and works in our hearts to bring beautiful fruit. Sometimes He prunes before we even know we need it.  He will not leave us in our sin! He will not allow us to have that which is not good for us! Hallelujah! Amen!  It is painful. It hurts to have our sin stripped away but in that there is a marvelous beauty.  As the old things fall away and our hearts are prepared for what is to come, there are nuggets of measurable fruit.   It moves our hearts to magnify the LORD and feast upon the riches of His grace. There is greater love, a desire to pray,  a hunger for the Word. Without the removal of the old we would not be able to enjoy the new.  I am in awe of it. 

Ya'll know writing is not my "thing". (That is what Kayla does and Candace uses pictures along with her words.) You will have to use your imagination and your knowledge of the Word to connect the dots where I have not. (Or correct me if I am wrong!) Hopefully, though, you got a glimpse of why I *LOVE* fall.

NOTE: Forgive me if you were expecting some deep post only to find a short collection of ideas.  I had my seasons illustration challenged so I had to think though it again.