Crafty Productive Day

Today has been a crafty day.

It was a typical Friday for me.
Sleep in. Go to church. Play the piano. Do school. time!!!!!!

I decided to first clean my room. By the time Thursday night comes around, I can't hardly stand my room.  It seems so chaotic. Chaotic usually means my bed isn't made and I need to sweep and I may have laundry spilling out of the basket.  Oh and I have accumulated books and other articles that need to be put in the living room.  So I scrubbed the bathroom, swept my floor, and decided that I really do dislike carpet. I got rid of my area rug. At the moment it is rolled up and trying to hide behind the stove in my living room. It isn't doing such a good job at being inconspicuous.

That is the carpet I ditched.   

I got a new-to-me sewing machine a while back. The LORD has blessed me in my use of it.

 You see this is what usually happens when I sew. 

The bobbin isn't supposed to be popped out like that. The fabric is stuck in there.  No idea how or why. It just is.  So I am thankful that I have yet to ruin my machine or do something that I can't figure out how to fix. 

I have been working on this..

But ran out of bobbin 3/4 the way through sewing the strips together.  I haven't had time until today to stop and try to figure out how to refill my bobbin. Refilling the bobbin is easy enough on my machine or at least it would have been if I hadn't lost my bobbin.  I  wanted to cry but I had no tears. So I prayed and searched instead.  I despaired of finding it and went searching for a replacement thinking I had seen a plastic bobbin in some of Nene's stuff.  I was right. There it was in a junk drawer. It wouldn't fit on my bobbin filler thingy (I know there is a term for that but I can't seem to think of it) so I asked my neighbor if she could fill it for me.  She said yes and in no time it was ready for me to begin sewing.  I had already checked to make sure it fit in my machine so I threaded her up and started finishing the strips!

Alas, all plastic bobbins are not created equal and this kept happening.  I tweaked some things on my machine and finished putting the strips together anyway but decided to wait to complete the quilt top. I want to shore up my rows before I move on anyway and that requires the rotary cutter and a trip to the Fort.  But I wasn't ready to be done sewing....I started organizing some of my sewing junk, moving it around and low and behold! My bobbin, the one that goes with my beloved machine, was unearthed. Bless the LORD. He gave me my bobbin back!

He is in the business of finding things. I lost my favorite Bible Thursday. I came home from work needing to sit down and read it.  I couldn't find it. I shook my covers. Looked in my car, laundry basket, through clothes. It was gone.  I looked under my bed repeatedly because my books sit on the shelf of my headboard and sometimes fall.  I couldn't see it.  After I got back from church this morning, I looked under my bed one last time and YAY! there it was hidden in the dark in the farthest corner.  I find it kind of cool that it could not be found in the evening, the dark, but only when it was shining full day, in the light. So God has been revealing things to me- both physically- and Spiritually.

So I didn't want to be done sewing....

I have seen these pillow pallets for kiddos on Pinterest. I have wanted to make one before but didn't have a kid to make it for. I decided that I may just want one for my house or give it to a friend's kid for funsies.  I had some old scrub pants that were worn and stained. I cut off the legs and eventually I will sew them together and stuff them and see what happens. Hopefully it turns out.  So far so good.  I tried to stuff it with that old pillow stuffing but couldn't get it to not be lumpy no matter how much I pulled and fluffed.  So that project was put on hold. 

And apparently I can't spell....Oops. OK. Now the real one is fixed.
I hung some stuff on my walls today.  The picture above my sewing machine took some ingenuity to hang. I had to remove the hangers from one side and put them on the other without any of the proper equipment. A flat head screw driver, bent nails, brad hammer, and a nicked knuckle later, it was hung.
Obviously I need to straighten it.

And this one will never be straight.  Lets just say the wall isn't level...
My last chore of the day was grocery shopping.  I don't really prefer grocery shopping or so I think before I am at walmart or aldi. Once I am there I realize it is kind of fun. It happens every time. I bought sewing scissors in hopes of having a straight instead of jagged cut edge and poly foam to fill my "pillows'. Oh and some groceries.
Eventually chicken pot pie and spiced cider will come of this. And green bean casserole. And other edible goodness. Why yes, that is a 5bl bag of french cut green beans in the top left corner and there are 5 other bags of frozen veggies in that cart.  I also have a bag of Lays in there somewhere and you can see my SwissMiss. I am not THAT healthy.

I finished up a novel this afternoon. I recommend it for light reading. Before the Dawn was written by Kathleen Bauer. It shows how God works to heal hearts after the death of a loved one shakes a families lives. A full review will be posted soon. I was hoping to start the next one in the series but a look at the clock is telling me not tonight because...

Tomorrow is a day full of shopping! I am taking my middle school girls (8 of them) to the big mall in our area for a day of fun. I am excited. There will definitely be a post about that.

In my last snippet of a post I told you I was featured on SingleRoots.  The article has generated a few comments some of which I which bring up valid points. I am mulling over how to address them here on this blog.  Go take a peek at what is going on.

Have a fantabulous weekend! Blessings sweet friends.