A Week in the Fort

This is not the post I promised.
Consider it bonus.

I have been home to the Fort for a whole. Entire. Week.
It was lovely.

My family and I enjoyed company.
We laughed.
We sewed.
Went to Sunday worship together and listened to a wonderful sermon from 1 Corinthians 9.

Watched some basketball.
Enjoyed some BBC.
Bought some ice-cream for special.
Spent money of frivolous things.
Prayed that my sister did not have appendicitis. 

I visited friends.
Mourned over sin.
Bought fabric.
Rejoiced at Spiritual growth.
And took virtually no pictures.*

My dear friends, I cried when I left.
I hate change and everything I remember is not quite the same.
Kids grow up. Babies come. People move.  
Good changes. All of them.
There is that odd sensation that life is leaving you behind. 
It is a lie. I am changing and moving along too. It just looks different.
And the change is seems more gradual when you live in the place is is happening.

Mom keeps telling me to just quit my job and move home.
Surely something would open up in that area.
There is a sliver of me that wants to but I know that I am supposed to be here in Siloam.
(Which I have recently learned is affectionately known as "The Springs")
It was confirmed yet again to my heart by event during my time with the Youth at Harvard this evening.

 I have returned to my cozy room with red curtains and mint green walls.
Juanita is watching a Hallmark movie in the living room. 
My shower was remodeled while I was gone.
Fiberglass is a great improvement to the rusted metal insert.
Such a blessing.
 With my last two days of vacation I will 
Submit homework. 
Play the piano.
Try to finish reading a novel I am set to review.
Hopefully, get back into the swing of things in "The Springs".

 * If you follow me on Twitter you have probably seen the few photos I took.