Friday, August 2, 2013

Pray for Your Parents



These two beautiful people are my parents.
In a few short days, they will have been married 25 years. 
This post isn't about that though.

It hasn't been the easiest thing ever for me to move out.
Much less to move to a new city.
To a city that is over an hour's drive from home.
To a brand spankin new kind of life- in a sense.
I forget that it effects others besides me.
Selfish. What's new?

Heather's wedding actually helped me realize this.
It had occurred to me before but really, it was more of a fleeting thought.
But this time. It has stuck.
It is hard on mom and dad too.
I should pray for them.
They are Believers after all...
and even if they weren't,
that shouldn't stop me.

That lead to further thought. 
So if I pray for my friends...
That they might grow in Jesus.
That they might overcome hard things.
That they might be sanctified.
Why in the world do I not pray for my parents?

Why don't I pray for their marriage?
Why don't I pray that God would grant them wisdom?
How about their ministries?
Child rearing/discipling- fyi, parenting is hard!
And other things!
 I sent my mom a text one day telling her I prayed for her.
(I am blessed when people tell me that.)
It was such a novel thing for me to say that she replied
As if I were anticipating some major life event.
"Well mom you see I..."
Not really.
"I pray for my friend so today I am praying for you."

It should be a daily thing, praying for our parents.
Interceding on their behalf.
Not just when there is some problem.
No just when major life altering decisions or circumstances come up.
But everyday. Preemptively.  

Maybe you already do this.
Good for you! I am sure it really is not a new concept. 
I am not sure why I do not remember being taught this before.
It is most certainly something I have been convicted of.
I challenge you, my reader, that if you do not pray for your parents, that you would begin to do so.

I have been taught to "pray for your family"
but it is coupled tightly in my head with the unregenerate family.
And that it is something parents do for their kids or spouses.
But why stop with parents.
Siblings. Grandparents. Cousins.
They all need it as well.

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