Just because He is

After an inspiration drought, I have had ideas for three posts today.  Alas, I only have time for one. If I remember the other two in the days to come we will know they were worth writing.

 I hate to be late. Behind. Off schedule.  Especially at work. And the day these things happened boy, was I running late.

I thought I had 40minutes left in my time slot. I really only had 10minutes left. I used 40 because I was WAY off in my head. Come to think of it, I should have known better but obviously I was confused. Such a fantastic way to set off my afternoon of appointments. 30 minutes behind with no way to make it up. GREAT.

In my head, I was running, trying to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible hoping to make up for lost time. 
I stayed 30minutes behind for the duration of the day. My emotions were not in good shape. I was struggling to be kind and chipper. (And apparently doing an ok job. )Truth is I wanted to pitch a mini fit at myself and go cry.
In an effort to get people seated as soon as possible the other hygienist and I patient juggled. It is something we do occasionally in an effort to keep things running smoothly. This is where the fun begins.

First off I must confess. I have been a meanie head in my heart lately. I get annoyed with people far too easily.  This week has been worse than usual. I have just wanted to be done with working after lunch. Can I got home at noon and still draw the same paycheck? No. ok.   I have been breeding a selfish complaining heart.  Yes, it is a sin problem. Yes, I am taking it to Jesus. Yes, it must go.

With the juggling of patients, I was spared a particular challenge in patient relations. God in His mercy did not give me that test today. Instead I was blessed with three lovely patients, two of whom I think "get it".

When I was working with my last patient, I could not help but ponder the thoughts of my heart over the course of afternoon. I had gotten frustrated over something that was not mine to be upset over.  My feathers were ruffled because I, all by myself, got behind. I was able to reflect on this impatient, uncompassionate heart that I have. Friends, it brought me to tears. For God who is rich in mercy and abounding in steadfast love lavished His favor on me today in spite of how well I was serving Him.

He let me hear how He moved some of His children across the country to start a ministry to serve families with children with disabilities.
He did not test my patience to the maximum with a person that could not be pleased. (I deserved the trial!)
He instead gave me a sweet woman with a good sense of humor and a clean mouth.
He blessed me with a sister in the LORD who chose to be thankful although she had reason to complain.

All of these things, in one afternoon, just because.

Tears and repentance and songs of praise. I still had to fight for joy but I ended the day with tears, repentance, and songs of praise. Just because He is good and gives good gifts to His children- just because.