Nursery! Me?!

I am on rotation for nursery at church. There was a need and I am happy to fill it!  If you have been reluctant to serve in the children's/nursery at your church because you are inexperienced, a "youf", or single let me give you some reason to just do it.
  • Missing service makes you appreciate and hunger to be there.
  • We are called to serve the brethren.
  • It is good practice for mommy/daddyhood 
  • You can meet and learn from others in the church.
  • You are in a unique position to pray for families as you see their needs from a different perspective.
 These are some of the blessings that I realized today as I served in the nursery. It is by no means an exhaustive list but I hope it serves as an encouragement for you to possibly get out of your comfort zone and fill a need.


  1. Ah yes, the "youf" of tomorrow! :o) I pulled out helping out with Sunday bible class when they divided the groups into gender - at the same time, I felt called to pursue other ministries within my home church. Two of the lads whom I previously led Sunday bible class have also got baptised, which was great to witness. Though I had a profound experience in South Korea, when I taught English for a brief time. The youth group promoted themselves by doing a skit using b-boy moves, and strangely - I found it appealing to get involved with the youf!

    Thankfully for the latter, there were multiple services after the youth group, so I didn't miss out in God's teaching. At my home church in Scotland, my soul was screaming out because I missed out on the services due to helping out.

    I guess for me, it was the idea of discipling young ones, and either sharing your time simply to be with them in learning God's Word and singing praise at worship, to encourage them in their teenage troubles, or in ways be a brotherly figure - who they can turn to.

    Anyhow, be encouraged that you will be an inspiration to the young peeps, even in nursery group. Kids grow up so fast, but they will remember you forever. Make the most of the time with them! :D

    In Christ,


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