A Glimpse of God At Work

This week has been so sweet for me. My heart is full of wonderful things from God's Word - some of which I can't even articulate. 

Sunday- After some soul searching Saturday I was eager for worship Sunday.  Missed Sunday am service so I was even more ready for the Word Sunday night. It was a sweet lesson on Marriage out of Micah. Best part is that it covered 3 different, but related, topics that I was able to discuss with a friend that day. She found it incredibly ironic- I saw it as another "God thing".

Monday-  Yearning to meet with Him in the morning. Being blessed by the Word in my personal time with Him. Hebrews 9:28 stuck out to me in Bible study.  Am I eagerly waiting for Him? Does the way I live point to the cross?  Do I move about in this world intentionally?

Tuesday- Putting feet on my new perspective. Realizing I have not been sharing the Gospel like I once was and looking at the why.  When life changes a bit, company comes to visit or my schedule changes, it should not throw my relationship with Him out of whack or stop my mouth from speaking the Truth. Put up a whiteboard with Hebrews 9:28 in my operatory. Hopefully it encouraged a patient or to and it was certainly a good reminder for me.

Wednesday-  The best day of the work week.  Church day and boy was I excited.  I was able to join with other Believers to worship our Lord together. In the morning, I finished listening to part 3 of Ephesians 1 sermon series by Paul Washer.  At church, I realized I need to learn to open my mouth so that others may hear the prayers I am passionately whispering inside. Why don't I? Fear of man.  Fear that I will say the wrong thing theologically or pray the wrong kind of prayer at the wrong time.  Foolishness. My prayers are directed to God. They are a sacrifice to Him.  He is the only one I need to be seeking to please. Yet God may use them to bless or to inspire their hearts to pray in some way. I know my heart is blessed when I hear the prayers of others to our God.

Thursday- Reality of one of my best friend's marriage sinks in. I missed a good time in the Word with the Father that morning. I could feel it- for that I am incredibly thankful. I went to Cafe to study for Bible study with my girls and could not seem to focus. My brain was going a million miles a minute about selfish things.  Instead of lesson study, I spent some time praying and asking for the heart problems to be revealed. Did some journaling to help lay out the thoughts of my heart so that I could see them more clearly. Then, I began addressing the lies with the truth and Scripture. What a wonderful thing! I am going to have to do that some more. Also, I read a Grace to You Blog series on killing sin.  Fantastic and pertinent to the time.

Friday- I was able to spend the first few hours of my day with a friend who pushes me towards Jesus by just being.  I want to be a woman who so gives of the fragrance of Christ that others leave with renewed vigor in the faith- without me saying anything pointed. Much time in prayer and looking at 1 Peter 1:6-13.  Teaching and praying with my Middle School Girls at Bible Study this afternoon. Praying that the Holy Spirit moves and that I will just be faithful.

Saturday- Another test awaits as I go to the Fort and change my environment. What was once familiar is less so, but I have noticed that my time there does not shake things as it did when I first started to come back.  Praise be to God that He transforms the heart! Bless His name that we do not save ourselves but that it is He who saves and He who keeps!

God has done a bit of a revival in my heart this past week.  I am thankful.  I pray that He continues to work. My heart is full of joy.  May I not step back but move forward!  Blessed Be the Name of the LORD!


  1. Hi Rebekah,

    You have a special and encouraging way in how you articulate and express your wrestles with life, and there is much fruit from your walk with the LORD. It's interesting to learn about how you overcome the obstacles in life, as you continue to trust in the LORD come rain or shine.

    Regarding your workplace, it must be challenging to give yourself the opportunity to engage with patients and colleagues, especially as a dental hygienist, because there is often little conversation between sitting down, whilst receiving the flossing treatment and gargling the funny-tasting liquid. Where do you position the whiteboard in your operator? I guess from a patient point of view, the three places that always grab my attention when seeing the dentist for a checkup, or very rarely - the hygienist is the dental's face (and teeth), the door, and the movable lamp that hangs above the head.

    I understand it's subtle, but I recall a hospital chaplain use an encouraging word or reading from proverbs, which he stuck on door of his office. It was catchy to see if you were sitting about, or when reaching for the handle. He would change his encouraging message on a weekly basis. But it was cool that you could take away a copy (like a A5 handout) to reflect about it at your own time.

    Other than that… don’t be afraid to continue providing the best medical care you can give to your patients. People will sense a Godly presence in your ways, whether it’s based on crucial decision-making, giving advice or doing procedures.

    In Christ,

    1. When the patient is in my chair, I have a counter to the left of them. Usually there is a large picture on the wall above the counter but currently we are waiting to get our new artwork. I have my white board propped against the wall there. When people are sitting up while I am getting something ready or while we await the dentist they can read it. Once the new art comes in, I will put it on the wall in front of the pt. Right now there are also some children's artwork with wonderful "fighter" verses that my good friend's children made and gave to me (today actually) taped above the white board. Children's work always gets noticed. Talk about Gospel opportunities!


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