Maybe I'll get to post regularly again soon!
For now how about a list of 'I's.

I am...
learning to live in this new stage of life. 
growing in Jesus.
rejoicing at having been here six months.
rejoicing for the friends that have come.
listening to a sermon on 1 Peter 1. 
thankful for meaningful conversations.

 I have...
begun seeing my 6mo recalls!
been working with the youth group.
had a lovely weekend with my beloved Texas Siblings in Jesus and my extended family.
enjoying the Hebrews study on Monday nights with other people in my life bracket.
been given a FRIEND that is a GIRL! 
(We have no shortage on college/early career aged men at HABC. We do have a shortage of us women. *Insert joke of your choice here.*)
been given my first flower that was NOT from a relative.

I will...

go to VBS again tomorrow night. and the next night. and the next night.
meet with my HASM girls for the second time this Friday to study 1 Peter.
step onto the University campus for the first time (basically) Friday to help represent HACM.
spend Saturday in the Fort with the family....then attend a wedding.