Nera and the Gospel


Many people find cats as the animal of the devil. I for one love them. It is a selfish love really. I can call it and cuddle it and pet it then shoo it away without having any fear of hurting its feline feelings. Dogs however, stink and get their feelings hurt.  Not as good of an option. I was blessed rather spur of the moment with a cat two weeks ago today actually.

This cat has turned out to be more of a blessing than I ever would have realized. You see kittens and other small creatures, tend to attract children.  I have been wanting to reach out to the neighborhood kids but as I have none of my own it makes things a wee bit difficult. I also have been hiding in the recesses of my bedroom studying comisive language and Keynesian economics for the past few months.  Negra/Nera has made interaction possible.  I was given an open door to meet the neighbors through my cat!

The cat and I went out to romp and were met by the children this evening. We played and laughed with our feline friend. They ate a cookie then I had the tremendous privilege of sharing the Gospel with my new friends. The cookie in exchange for a question.

I had just been lamenting the fact that I had not once plainly spoken to anyone of their need for Jesus today. In fact,  Jesus and I had been having a conversation about it over the dirty dishes. Then He blessed me. He sent me the children when I was ready to go in for the night to take my much needed shower. (I felt like I had spiders crawling over me all afternoon. Crazy annoying. But praise God I have the ability to even feel!) 

Pray for my neighborhood kiddos. As I asked questions, they didn't get it. Not even the "church" answers. (and they attend local congregations) Pray that they go to the Word to discover where to find "For the wages of sin is death..." as I challenged them to do (yes I did promise a prize if they did it. still.). Pray that they think hard about why they need to be saved.  Pray that the Spirit would convict their hearts of their need for Him. 


  1. what a great way to reach the kids around you. it would be wonderful to meet! many times i wish travel wasn't such a tough thing. i'll be praying for the areas God is working on in you.


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