Friday, May 17, 2013

Book Review: StressTest

Dr. Matt Newman is a surgeon who recently sold his private practice to become an assistant professor of surgery at Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas.  Everything in his life was perfect. Until he became entangled in a murder.
StressTest was written by Richard L. Marbry, M.D.  Marbry's experience in medicine enables him to write with vivid detail the medical scenarios. He is a gifted writer whose fast paced book kept me engaged until the end.  When I am reading suspense/mystery it becomes a game to try to figure out the "who done it" before the author explains.  While I had an inkling, I certainly had no idea how all the pieces fell together until it was spelled out for me.


The use of idiom
The technical jargon
The use of Scripture

If you've read many of my posts you know I am a stickler for sound theology.
I disliked the main character trusting in a "prayer" for his Salvation.
Other bits of bad theology.

I would definitely recommend the book.  I caution recommending it to anyone who is "seeking".  Although it would be wrong to take their theology from a novel, they might be compelled to think that just saying a prayer somehow magically saves you and that there need not be a lasting change in one's life to prove that Salvation. I loved the pace. I loved the use of medical terms and situations. I was guessing at how things all tied together until the end. Very well written. Thumbs up.

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  1. i love hearing of new books...i'll check this one out.


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