Lead Your Family Like Jesus- Book Review

 Lead Your Family Like Jesus was written with the intent of helping and encouraging parents to well, lead like Jesus.
Ken Blanchard,  Phil Hodges, and Tricia Goyer team up to give practical advice to parents. I for one, did not like the book very much. I found that it had some helpful anecdotes. It lacked a rich theological foundation. That is not at all to say that Scripture was not used. Sometimes it seemed like Scripture backed their ideas instead of forming them.

great diagrams
helpful questions to ask yourself during various situations

Light way addressing of parental heart conditions that cause problems
the Message being the only version of the Bible used*
too many testimonies from random people. I like some but it seemed a bit overboard.

If you are a brand new Believer wondering about the basics of parenting from a Christian perspective, this would probably be a helpful book. But, if you grew up in the church or have been around Christianity for a while you are probably not going to get much from it. You may be encouraged that other people fail and struggle too. I know that can be helpful.  I would probably not recommend the book. 

*I personally do not think that the Message is a reliable version of the Bible. It is a paraphrase, not a translation. The fact that all of the passages listed to give foundation/support to the ideas presented came from the Message.  Honestly, there was one point when I had no idea I was reading a Scripture passage until the next page and I saw the reference. Sorry ya'll. That bothers me. Leland Ryken does a fantastic job of explaining the differences in Bible versions and how one should choose.  I high recommend you do some research on the subject. On Bible Translations: Q &A is a place to start.

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