The Siloam Saga: Update

It has been quiet on the blog-front. I have had many a post run through my head but not the energy to write them out. School work keeps me super busy. I miss writing. Hopefully I will be back on track once summer comes and the semester is over.  I have been blessed "exceedingly aboundantly" blessed.

~I got a new phone. Learned some lessons in respect and patience in getting it. It is a smart phone. I was hoping for another "stupid" phone but couldn't find one that I liked. Smart phone it had to be. I am enjoying it.

 ~I have been given some sweet friends. Friends who *love* Jesus. People who are committed to holiness.

~Church is such a blessing. The Word is preached in its fulness- even when it hurts.

~ I am learning to become selfless. Probably my greatest fear about moving out of my family's house was increasing in selfishness. I am a selfish person by nature. (Who isn't?) I was not even selfless when I lived with my family so I knew that being on my own would only increase my opportunity to serve me. How horrible for my future spouse if God deems fit to give me one. So I asked God to give me eyes to see opportunities to not be selfish. I know I miss a whole lot of them but I am beginning to have eyes. Praise be to God that I have been given Ms. Juanita. I can not think only of myself.

 ~ 1 Corinthians 13:6  Can one truly enjoy in righteousness the vast majority of media? How often by watching tv or a movie, or listening to music do I "Rejoice in evil"? Am I taking pleasure in watching some wrong idea be presenting telling myself "I'd never do that. It is wrong. It sure makes for a good story."  Do not get me wrong. I know that a good story has wrongs that are righted. It wouldn't show redemption otherwise. But am I careful to be sure that my diet of media shows a definite right and wrong? Or do I indulge in show that exalt sinful relationships? I am chewing on this one.

~ God has answered the cry of my heart in two large ways. One in the life of my family. One in my work situation ( in part. I expect that it will be complete soon enough.) He has also reminded me of a prayer fulfilled that I had forgotten about.  He has acted according to His loving kindness not my faithfulness.

~I am launching out to help serve in the youth at church. I have been praying for the LORD to show me where to serve in church. I think, for now, it is going to be with middle school girls. We shall see. I have been itching to be involved but waiting semi patiently.

~ I had my church directory picture taken. I shall become a member officially (LORD willing) in a few weeks.

~ The "Cottage" has been painted! Two of my new friends helped me paint in exchange for dinner.  I had a great time fellowshipping with them. The walls are almost completely finished (pictures to come). I need to pain the floor and some furniture. I also am in need of a bookshelf...

I am off to finish listening to "Divorce for Any Reason?"  By Thabiti Anyabwile then write some essays.
Have a blessed day!


  1. Hi Rebekah, I came across your thoughtful blog via Single Roots. *waves*

    I simply wanted to encourage you on the selfless aspect. Don't beat yourself too much. It takes time for the LORD to deliver and shape us in the messy clays that we are, and for God to take His time to refine us of our imperfections. It's actually a wonderful journey to see the fruits of the Spirit flow over time. And I admit, coming from a background of no siblings... I'm the ultimate selfish geezer, but I do find the pleasure and joys in serving Christ through others, whether that be listening out for others, sharing words of encouragement and serving in the ministries of my local Baptist church.

    Well, blog along and continue to journey with Christ. Don't be afraid to go through the changes and letting go of oneself. All be the glory to God!

    In Christ,


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