The Vulture and the Starving Child

Photo by Kevin Carter
Photojournalist are trained to be nothing more than spectators. They are taught to stand within a situation physically but be completely outside of it emotionally. They are not to become involved with what they are capturing.

The photograph above was taken by a photojournalist about decade ago.  Kevin Carter was documenting the famine in Sudan.  He spent a fair amount of time getting the angles of the shot perfect and when he had captured the image he was after, fled.

I are surrounded by starving children. There are people all around me who are spirituality needy. They have no idea that they are dead.   As a Believer I can see the signs of death. Yet more often than not, I stand as a photojournalist. I am aware that the world is moving around me but I do not step into the scene and offer a way of salvation. I do not share the Gospel with those in need.

Carter won a Pulitzer prize for this image.  Yet, I wonder at the coldness of his heart. His guilty conscience led him back to the scene several days later. He was told that the child had died.  While I believe that God is sovereign and I cannot thwart His plan, will I deny my love for Him and not extend His arm of love?

This post was inspired by the Sunday school Lesson given by Lawson Hembree 1.27.13