The Siloam Saga: I Stayed Here and Didn't Die

I survived.
My first weekend to stay in Siloam was good.
I got out early Friday and Heather came to play.
We went for a walk Friday night AND Saturday morning.

I spent most of Saturday morning cleaning the cabinets in the kitchen.
Were yellow yucky around the handles instead of the nice white of the paint.
The kids had ball games in Fort Smith.

Mom text me that they were going. It wasn't until then that I had even considered being homesick.
So I went ahead and cried.
Then I text Emily.
Actually, while in the midst of my prayerfilled bawling, I text Emily.

Originally the plan was to spend some time with a couple of ladies from church Saturday night but one of the mom's daughters was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes earlier in the week so that plan fell through.
I told Emily I would clean or cook if she'd let me come play at some point during the day.
She didn't make me do either but I did get to spend some lovely time with her family.
She has 3mo old GrammaCoffee color'd nephew. 
Ahh he is the most laid back adorable thing.
 The color is description is so you can further understand his cuteness. 
The LORD sure knows how to make some beautiful ethnic babies.
In the middle of the afternoon, Pastor Wayne of Kind at Heart ministries,
 a ministry that work especially in conjunction with caring for the elderly,
 came to talk to us about getting Mrs. L someone to stay with her during the day.
I'm not sure how much progress we made but they took down the hours I'd be here and when she'd need help.
Things just get so complicated sometimes.
They did manage to get someone who will come sometime tomorrow.

Today is a "Church Day". I am going to enjoy our Sunday school lessons on the Church and in service we are going through Revelation. 
At church I saw a friend I haven't seen in a few years and got to meet her husband which was super cool.
Tonight Growth Teams meet for the first time this semester.
I'm excited to meet some new people and gather around to discuss the Word.

Ya'll I am blessed. So very blessed.