Hello 2013!!!

 A new year. 
2012 is over and 2013 has begun.

This past week I've reviewed the past year.
It has been chock full of changes. Some small others- not so miniscule.

I was praying about leaving the country for an extended stay.
Met my Sylvania friends.
Began praying about working with my M girls.
Started my last semester of dental hygiene school.
Laid plans to get my Bachelor in Dental Hygiene.

Started visiting M church.
Celebrated my "you can now legally consume alcohol" birthday.
Began memorizing Psalm 21.

Officially began teaching at M church.
 Worked like mad on our Table Clinic project.

Took boards.
Presented STAMP of Approval.
Signed up for fall classes at UA Fort.

Clinicals. (I passed!)
Texas vacation.
Cultivated friendships in my beloved TX.
Quit teaching at M church.
Contemplated moving to KY.
 Realize that I have a heart for discipleship.
Decide to get counseling training.

Both Besties got engaged!
Let the wedding planing begin.
Drop all of the classes for the fall.
 Decided to get Bachelors in Biblical and Theological Studies from Boyce-full online.
Began teaching Anatomy and Physiology to homeschool highschoolers.

Wedding planning like CRAZY for wedding #1.
Worked at the CDC about once a week as a DHYG.
Job hunt begins.
Dallas Trip for fabric for wedding #2.
Wedding Shower[s].
Job hunting like crazy-
in AR and TX.
 Craigslist job.
Resume sent-interview-job offer.
Family troubles.
Moved to a new city in AR.
Wrestled with accepting Providence with thanksgiving.
New Church found. 
More new friends.
So much Spiritual Growth.
Greater appreciation of family.

So many changes in my plan.
God is leading me into things I never expected.
New friends. New places.
Away from selfishness into greater likeness of His son.
He is working out my hearts desire.
"Incline my heart to Your testimonies and not to selfish gain!"
 Psalm 119:36

Oh the adventure that lies ahead!