Currentlies ("I"s)

New Reading glasses and post-clinic hair
I am...
feeling Spiritual Growth pains.
desirous of more of Christ and less of this ephemeral world
so content with where I am in life.
loving getting to know and learning to love the new people God has placed in my life.
needing to sleep but will be a wake a bit longer on this eve's cup-o-joe.
wishing Thursdays didn't feel so much like Fridays.

had to make a big girl decision this week that was not fun.
am wrestling with my conscience over some things.
shared the Gospel with a patient or two. (pray for them)
Invited a couple of patient's to church.
coaxed a patient to smile.
was incredibly blessed by prayer service at Harvard Ave.

I will...
go home to the Fort tomorrow afternoon.
come back to NWA for Roger's ball game tomorrow night.
party with a friend at her Sweet16. 
(It is family tradition for them to go all out. It should be a blast.)
attend my informational meeting for Honduras.
read some more of 

What are your "I"s for the week?