The Siloam Saga: A Place to Rest

I found a house!
 Rather, I am sharing a house with a sweet older lady named Juanita.

Friday evening I was thrilled to get to go to basketball games.
Everyone there knows I got a job in Siloam.
Ms. Misty live in the NWA region and happened to know a mom from the other team.
Mrs. JoAnne lives in Siloam

As Ms. Misty was telling Ms. JoAnne the situation and introducing me, Mrs. JoAnne teared up.
 "You may just be an answer to prayer."
There is a little widow in our church whose granddaughter had been living with her and is moving to LR.
She needs someone to come live and maybe do some light housework and make an extra portion of dinner now and again.
She'd let you live for free.
There is even a little shed area that you can make your own and have friends over."

So we exchanged numbers.
I had already planned to look at an adorable little house.
But nixed my plans to call after some apartments in hopes that this would be just the fit.

On Sunday afternoon I went to meet Ms. Juanita.
For the time being, she is in a rehab center while she gets over whatever it is that is bothering her.
No one really knows.
It was a good fit.
She needs me and her place is adorable,

Tonight is my first night here.
This morning I accidentally met her son John.
I was coming out and he was going in and we were both not sure who the other was.
Once we exchanged names the awkward "stay away from Ms. Juanita!" was over.

I got off from work early.
I went to see Ms. Juanita at rehab.
(She is feeling poorly so if you would please pray.)
My room-before I was done unpacking. You can't tell but the walls are a nice robins egg blue color.
Then I headed on over to unpack and get settled.
I turned on the tv for background noise.
The Brady Bunch it is.
Leah was supposed to come by but decided she was too tired.
With no company I realized my evening was going to be reaaaaaaaaly long 
so I hopped in the shower
 put on something other than scrubs and 
went to the coffee shop just down the hill from the house.
I had a soy and milk free blackberry smoothie.
It was quite tasty but not quite the $4.90 I paid for it (not including the tip).
Supposedly they have wifi there but I couldn't get it to work.
I tried doing my Bible study but the guy a table over had a great life story and well he was loud.

I came back- popped in a tv dinner and started making apple cake.
It isn't as good as other times I've made it. 
Not really sure why.
Hopefully the office likes it. 
I turned on MacArthur and did some dishes.
Cleaned out the fridge- did those dishes.
Chatted with my Aunt and made some holiday plans.
Logged my spending and did some research on internet.

A quiet productive evening.
Bless the LORD for His has of provision.
Oh how He loves.


  1. Praise the Lord for provision!!! This sounds SO perfect for you. Praying!


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