The Siloam Saga: The Office

Week one of work is over.
It had its ups and down.
Over all it is a *wonderful* office full of *fantastic* people.
Dr. J. truly cares about taking care his patients.
Working for a dentist with that philosophy is such a blessing.
God has blessed my hands.
He has given me the ability to do what I need to without getting too far behind.
He has allowed me to learn the computer software.
He has brought things to mind that I had forgotten.
I pray that He continues to help me learn and pick up on things.
From work I have:
had some funny stories.
Met some Believers.
Listened to some cursing spew from my patient's mouth.
I had only two true melt downs my first week.
One was on Monday night.
The other on Thursday.
Wednesday I went to church.
It was wonderful.
I was loved on.
Prayed over.
 And introduced to people that knew my daddy.
Friday I only worked half day.
(Btw, my dentist is great. He is the one who offered the half day.)
I was able to come home!
I went to basketball games which is where my housing story begins.
to be continued...