The Siloam Saga: The first month in Phone Pictures

W1: The sale barn next to work
W1: My other housing option

W1: My Adopted Uncle's office

W1: Now the "Rottens" can visit.

W1: Coffee makes everything better.
W1: 1st weekend home. We won and I met the woman who introduced me to Ms. Juanita.

W1: We got our tree!
WI: Baby tender love.

W2: Pour Jon's

W2: The pretty little Nativity that I'll hopefully be purchasing.
W2: The horrible reg cam picture of the awesome wreathe mom sent home with me.
W2: My room.

W3: I bought 2yrds of each for my mom.

W4: Church in the Ft. and back to Siloam to fix the car.

W4:  View from my front porch.

W4:  Pineapple Coconut cake for the neighbors.

W4: The dripping shower. all.night.long.

W4: Chocolate orange from the Christmas present from Dr. J.

W4: Christmas present from Wrenne. Perfect for work days!

W4: Test driving car options in the Ft. The Sunfire must die- to me. It must live-to Roger.
The first month has had its ups and downs.
There have been some tears but not as many as I expected.
Some twinges of loneliness but not everyday.
Some major fits pitched that were quickly interrupted by and followed by worship.
(only by the Grace of God)
New friends made. Repast shared. Sweet people met. Gospel presented.
Faith stretched and enlarged.

And best of all. I know this is where I am supposed to be. No shadow of a doubt. This is it...indefinitely.


  1. I miss you. :) Love the tour! When you get lonely you can call or text me. (Like there aren't tons of others) Smooch!


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