Reunited with my Camera (and Greenbrier)

My camera and I have been reunited.
I went home again this past weekend.
We had our end-of-the-semester class party Friday evening.
I didn't manage to snap any pictures.

Saturday all of us but Daddy headed to Greenbrier for basketball games.
I took my camera and snapped a few more than usual.
I'd been missing her-my camera.
I didn't realize until I'd been taking quite a few pictures my white balance was off.
I don't own a program good enough to set it to rights or brighten them up enough.
These are some of my favorites from the day.


Beanie eating a snack in the car. LOVE the braids.

My pastor did this...1988 is the date on it. It is map of the county.

Caleb kept pinchin his face. Go figure. He had been in a funny mood all day.H


  1. oh sweet Sophie..she's getting so big!! glad you are enjoying Siloam Springs!! so proud of you for finding a great job!!!!


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