My new Abode

I finally have been home during daylight hours.
Sunday I stepped outside to grab a few shots of my surroundings.
I figure its about time I share.
Forgive the odd cuts and angles.
I only have my 50mm lens up here.

This is my front door with the focus on the front steps and sidewalk.
See those windows on the left?
That is the sun porch in front of my room.
On the right there is a lovely deep front porch.
It is perfect for music, sweet tea, conversation, friends, and communing with Jesus.
I am going to love spending time out there come spring.

This is a sneak peak at that porch.
Note the hardwood floors.
This little shop is out back.
It will be my place to decorate and make homey.
Mrs. L's granddaughter used it as a place to have friends over without botherin her gramma.
I'm super excited about dressing it to my liking.


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