Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas?! Not yet!

Christmas is almost here.
I am amazed, really.
I'm not ready.
I've one gift left to get but that isn't really the reason Christmas day can hold out on coming.
I'm just not thinking "Christmasy" yet.

Wednesday night church helped spur me toward the "Christmas Spirit".
Prayer meeting a Harvard is really cool.
We open up the Word and read passages. Explore a bit of their meaning.
Then pray based on what we God says through His word.
So sweet. 
This past Wednesday our focus was on the incarnation of Christ.
The WORD- the essence of God- taking on flesh.
Coming in the likeness of man to become a servant even to the point of death- even death on a cross.

Oh... ya'll...

It is overwhelming when you think about it.
It is so easy to see Jesus as a baby or even as a man preaching on the countryside.
We can relate to that part. The human part.
But He IS God.
In Him everything is held together.
In Him and to Him and Through Him are all things.
The very God of the universe became MAN so that we might know Him- intimately.
He came unto those who were in rebellion against Him that they might have eternal life.
That they might not experience God's wrath.

Oh. Ya'll.

Maybe that is why it is hard for me to get all "Christmasy".
I have technically known what we are really celebrating but I haven't stopped to study and wonder.
I hear "Christmas Spirit" and I think Santa Clause and TV specials.
I don't care about that anymore.
Presents are fun but more about figuring out the perfect gift for each family member.

 I need to stop and wonder.
To read the Word and have my mouth fall open in awe.
Then maybe, when next week gets here, I'll be ready to celebrate God entering time and space.



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