The Siloam Saga: Proposition Presented

Part 3 was to be about the Heart but I changed my mind. We'll explore that next.

I was sitting in the A and P Lab a week ago yesterday I got a phone call.
"Dr. J" came up on my caller ID.
 My heart did a flip-flop.
A call from Dr. J could only mean one thing.

Rebekah, this is Dr. J. You told me you wouldn't know until Friday about the job...
I want to officially offer you the position. I'd like you to start the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Flounders.mouth gapes.
Ah ah... let me make a couple of phone calls and call you back.

I thought that I wasn't going to get the job.
I was supposed to know by midweek.
There was another person ahead of me for the position!
Yup. I was shocked.

Mom. I got the job. (my voice wavered)

Mom talked to dad who said I should take it the job if I was working salary.
I clarified it with Dr. J.
I was.
I am planning on going to Honduras in February to clean kiddo teeth.
Dr. J. said that wouldn't be a problem.

I wrote out the text.
"I guess I'll see you after Thanksgiving!"
Then I cried.
Everything looks great but I...
well I was not expecting it.
After about an hour I finally hit send.
I told the LORD if everything worked out, I would choose to take the position.
I would make the prudent choice.
There was some relief in obedience but my heart was still heavy.

Best part.
None of my family was home when I got back.
The were at the Knights Basketball Tourney... that I was missing.
I was one happy girl.
Oh and I lost my voice.
Epic day.

Just so you know.
The roller coaster of emotions has ended at a good place.
Remember this was just the initial reaction.