Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Siloam Saga: The Phone Call

Not last Wednesday but the Wednesday before I woke up and began my usual routine.
I booted up Gretta while beginning to get ready for the day.
I pulled up facebook (I know. shake your head now) and checked my email.
Mom found two more jobs on Craig'slist for me to apply for.
*furrows eyebrows*
"Yes, LORD, I said I would look in the state before looking outside of the state.
 But you know I don't want it. If I am supposed to live there You will just have to work things out."
 Apply. Attach. Send.

About an hr later, I got a phone call from Leah.

Hey Bekah, Do you know a Dr. J? I just got a text from him asking if I know you and if I want a full time position.

I have no clue. Google the number. How in the world would a DDS in Faytown know me!?
I'm not that popular. 

I don't have internet. Would you do it?

I'm not finding anything. Who cares if you know who it is?! Text back. See who it is. 
It might be just the thing.

Fast forward a couple of hours.
It is Wednesday so Bridget and I are at the park walking.
We had gotten off schedule so it had been a while.
I love that woman.

Hey Bekah. The DDS is my DDS. He wasn't asking if I wanted a position. He was asking me if I knew you and would recommend you for the position. What do you want me to say?

You can recommend me but don't say I want the job.
Ok. Call you later.

Fast forward another couple hours.

Rebekah. This is Dr. J. I got your resume either early this morning or late last night.  Leah has told me great things about you. Would you be interested in a full time or part time position? 

Full time. I won't commute and financially I don't think I could swing part.
 Although, I might look at it if that is what was available.

That's great. Well I'd like to set up an interview. When can you come in?

I can do Monday or Thursday next week.

Monday on my lunch break. 12:30.

Sounds good. See you then.

And so it began.
I had an interview in Siloam.
I should have been thrilled.  
Then, I hardly ever react like I'm supposed to to things that involve major change.

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