The Siloam Saga: Interview

And so Monday came.
Mom went with me to the interview in Siloam.
We purposely went early.
The idea was to wonder around town.
Mom pointed out the garage apartment she lived in for a while.

The town is adorable.
Not too small but not very big.
It is just the kind of place I like.
The city itself has virtually no shopping.
Food stores, yes. 
Aldi and Walmart less than 2 mins from work.
 Clothing or anything else. Nada.
BUT I'm only 20minutes away from bigger and better shopping.
Not that I am one to buy anything from anywhere but Goodwill. ;)

Because this job wasn't something I had my heart set on, I didn't expect to be nervous.
I didn't feel nervous when I left the house.
I didn't feel nervous while we were driving around town.
20minutes before I needed to be there I began to feel nauseous.
Of course I would get sick right before something important.
I just chalked it up to whatever was making my throat hurt.
 Turns out. I was just nervous. 
Interview commenced = nausea gone.

I went in to the interview about 10mins early.
We'd already been just sitting in the car for 20.
Am. from the front desk expected me and told Dr. J. I was there.
I didn't have to wait long before the Dds. came to meet me.

 You know that awkward moment when you are supposed to shake hands but you really don't want to cause your sick.
Yup. That was me.
I told him I would if he wanted...
he then initiated an air shake which we repeated at the end of our time together.
Quite funny actually.

The interview didn't last long. 
I think I was in and how in about 30minutes.
Yet, we covered a lot of ground.
I have a long list of questions to as the dentist but he must have anticipated them.
I had to ask very few because he covered pretty much everything I was concerned about.

We figured living expenses based on a certain salary.
If he wasn't willing to pay that. I could not take the position.
You see I refuse to commute. I was going to have to move.
I didn't even have to ask.
To the dollar he proposed what I was needing.

 Through our conversation I learned that this dentist's philosophy on dentistry and patient care is very similar to my own.  That is important in my estimation.
The whole office team should be moving in the same direction.
People are not a means to a financial end rather they are individuals who need care.
This office was certainly racking points.

"As the dentist I know it is my job to be a manager...I don't want to. 
You should be motivated to do your job yourself. You should want to for your own satisfaction of a job well done- not because I'm going to catch you "
Ding! and the score goes up

Towards the end of the interview Dr. J told me I was on the top of the list for the position.
I was the first on his interview list but that his RDH Leah (my good friend from school) told him I was wonderful.
A glowing account it seems and Dr. J. highly values the opinions of his employees.
He really likes Leah. (*squeals with delight*)
What in the world did my friend say?! 
Seriously. I hope I can deliver.

BUT a hygienist who had worked for him before had called wanting the job if she could work out logistics.
She got dibs.
I agreed with that. 
She should in my opinion.

That last thing should have made me sad.
I should have been grieved by the fact that MOST LIKELY I would not be getting the position.
Perfect office.
The dentist seems fantastic.
His vision for how he wants things to go is wonderful.
He *prefers* fresh out of school RDH!
He doesn't like to micromanage or want anyone else to.
Gold Star worthy from just talking.
Yet, the prospect of not moving- of not getting the job- it caused me to sigh with relief.

Be watching for the Siloam Saga part 3: The heart condition