As I go through my week, I try to think of what I might write for the coming Monday.
I want it to be encouraging for you.
I also don't want to rehash the same things...even if I am working on the same lesson ...yet again.
This week I never settled on one idea.
I thought I'd share some of the things running through my head.

  • Friendships: They are precious treasures. I have some Proverbs 27:9 friends. Am I being such a friend too?
  •  I'm more of a control freak than I ever realized. It may be mostly in my mind but it is still there. You know what it stems from? A wrong belief about God. He really is good. Psalm 119:68 He really does love us. Isaiah 43:4
  • I need to fight for the Faith in my own heart. The Gospel is not merely for salvation but it should permeate everything we do. I do not understand the Gospel the way I should.  "Fighting For the Faith"
  • I need to listen and read things that I know will hurt. Conviction is bitter for a time but forgiveness is sweet. Christ-like is what we are to be. I must discipline myself in areas where I know I am weak.
  • God hears the prayers of His saints.