Monday on Tuesday: A Tremendous Opportunity

. I apologize for the lack of  Scripture. This is not to be a thorough discussion rather something to consider
Seceding from the Union.
My hear breaks to hear that even if it is all hype and no substance.

I was discussing the state of the Union with Heather on my way to Wal-Mart this evening.
It started a whole train of thoughts in my brain.

A man I truly respect told me he was excited for my generation.
No he isn't crazy. Not politically left either.
He just knows that God is greater.

He is right.

We will work only to get less.
We will get only to have to give away.
Our privileges are diminishing.
Still we will have more than most.
Yet will we cheerfully submit to the "new normal"?
Do greedy hearts suddenly change?

What a tremendous opportunity Believers may soon do have. 
We are called to walk the extra mile.
We work only to bless.
We get only to give away.
Is it not Love who puts others' needs before their own?

Buckle up Believers. 
Life may drastically change.
Let it not take us by surprise.
Such a way of living should be the norm for us.
God is faithful.