The "Other" Shower

Hello friends!
It has been a while.
The past week's worth of days have been crazy busy.
 I even said I wasn't going to post this week
I just can't stand it.
I found myself with some time so I thought I'd share some pretties.

 Meggy, one of my besties, is getting married on Saturday.
Oh happy day! I got my hair colored and everything. ;) 
Maidens on the stage should look presentable.
This is a fact. Probably even a rule of etiquette. 

Last week today actually, we had what I've been calling her
"other" shower. The code works well amongst youngins.

Our mutual friend Lana was drafted asked by me to help plan&host the festivities.
She is AWESOME. The woman came up with the theme and all sorts of easy creative ideas.
I'll share all that in another post.

 I bring up her awesomeness because she is the one who came up with our invite template.
We planned to buy all the stuff and make the bulk of all the invites in one afternoon.
We did have a lovely time wandering through Michael's discussing decorating ideas and spending an exorbitant amount of time trying to decided which way we wanted to take our the Bride's party.
We finally landed on Steampunk.

The design of the invite morphed a bit. We had originally planned for them to lace up.
The leather look makes me happy.
 Especially with the bead.
Btw, the color in these pictures is not quite right. It is more of a rich gold.
I couldn't pass up the sparkley red paper when I found it.
I was determined to find some use for it.
The little red corsets had her sizes and a blurb about coming prepared to bless or advise.
It is just the right size for one's wallet.

See the exacto knife. It is one's best friend when cutting out such shapes.
On my preschool/ report card there was an F in cutting.
I'm sure of it.
I can though, successfully make smooth edges with the little knife.
I ran into my neighbor in hobbylobby when I went to buy the knife.
She told me I would get addicted and look for projects that required me to use the knife.
I didn't believe her...

I'm pleased with our final product and I know Meg was too.
Thanks a bazillion, Lana!