Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pinky Promise

As usual I had my camera on me at the wedding.
I snapped a few pictures. Meg got a good one of Lane (see below) using my camera.
I wish I had more but I'm sure Brittney from MeltonMade Photography got some awesome shots.

Lane.Bride's Sister
best eyeshadow palate EVER!

Bestman-groom's brother- rocking with Barney

J-mi with his smart phone. At least he had something to do. ;)

J-mi made friends
He even got himself a girl

Fixing the flower girl's sash

Ring bearer playing with a different kind of ring before the wedding.

Lou,the Bride's middle sister.

Our Bouquets
Bride and Groom after the wedding.
Apparently this is a "thing" between the two.


  1. How beautiful!! You captured the specialness of the day wonderfully. Love the wedding colors... so pretty!

  2. you took some fabulous shots (and i'm a photographer's wife..i know!).

    the photo of the bestman with the barny guitar is terrific.


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