Mrs. Ethan R-ish

right after the grand reveal of the bride to the groom
It has come and gone. 
The day that we have been awaiting for a long time.
Ethan and Meggy said "I do" October 20th, 2012 after 2.5(ish) years of courtship
and 3(ish)months of engagement.

The day progressed with virtually no hiccups.
Nothing to cry over anyway.
Not that it would have done any good to cry.

 I didn't cry during the ceremony and I haven't cried since.
There have been a couple of times tear threatened for some unbeknown reason.
My throat does tighten on occasion.
Like today when I noticed her name was changed on facebook.
It has been Tagg-rish in my phone for about 2yrs now.
I called him her husband half the time they were engaged.
Oops. ;)

I think of all my friends I've known Meg the longest.
On facebook we are listed as "sisters".
She is the first of my most intimate circle married.
I couldn't be happier for her.

Yay, Sis!
I'm praying for you and "Efum".
May God bless your marriage exceedingly abundantly.
 Seek Him first all else will fall into place.


  1. well. maybe you aren't crying, but I am....but then, I am just teary today...
    You are an excellent friend and sister XO ~ Mrs T

  2. very sweet. i have a friend who i refer to as a God-sister. i adore her. we have now been friends for 16 years! God is so good to provide this for us.


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