MondayMinute: Ps. 96 part 2

We're in Psalm 96 again today.
Get out your Bible!

Last time I blogged about our motivation.
or Why do we worship?
What moves us?

This week we'll look at how.

How do we then worship?

 What are some things it is NOT:
  • It is not a particular style of music.
  • It is not a particular style of service
  • or church/denomination
 Worship IS:
  • About the words
    • Notice the phrases the Psalmist uses. 
      • Declarations of who God is (1)
      • Declarations of what He has done (2)
    • We add no glory to God 
    • Rather we acknowledge who He is
      • we do this through Words of sound doctrine
We worship God by declaring who He is back to Him in accordance with His revealed truth which has come to us through the Holy Scripture.
  •  Sacrifice
    • Our worship is a sacrifice and offering
    • Our lives are to be a living sacrifice
    •  Walk in holiness
      • a clean life
      • a life aware of the AWEsomeness of who God is
        • Isaiah 6:1-7
        • fear God
        • tremble at sin
        • our peace with God comes only through Jesus
          • repentant faith 

What have we gathered? That the most important part of worship is not the outward form. Rather it is a matter of the heart that declares to God His character and trembles at its sin before His holiness. This declaration comes through verbal assent in times of planned worship be it corporate or at home as well as through a sanctified life that lives out the Gospel.

Something I want to be sure to point out although it doesn't fit neatly into my little outline is that true worship is Holy Spirit filled. The Spirit moves us to worship.  A person can sing the songs and declare the truth- to an extent- with a cold heart that is far from God. Yet, when the Holy Spirit is come the heart cannot help but glory in the finished work of Christ and worship in spirit and truth.

This outline form is an exception to how I will usually structure my MondayMinute posts. This sermon resonated with my heart when I heard it a few weeks ago. Nothing "new" was spoken but I had never stopped to look at what the Psalmist teaches about how we worship God.  The following link will take you to the church website.

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