Sunday, October 7, 2012

Monday Minute: Psalm 96 part 1

Psalm 96  is our text today. 
You are going to need to follow the link or pull out or Bible for today's post.

What is the motivation for worship?
Verses from our text have been provided. 
What other verses come to mind?  Please share what you find.
  1. Understanding and believing that God is great and we are not.
    •     Psalm 96:2,4
  2. Believing that God is the one and only true God
    •  Psalm 96:4-5
  3. Believing, acknowledging, and contemplating that God made the heavens.
    • Psalm 96:5
  4.  Believing that God rules as King over all.
    •   Psalm 96:6
    • Splendor and majesty are kingly characteristics revealing his royalty.
How do we know that we believe this truth? 
  • Our heart will burn with a desire to see Him worshiped.
  • We will desire to share so that people are saved.
  • Sound doctrine that is exhilarated with the Spirit will vitalize our personal walk with Jesus and spur us on to evangelism.
  • When we chase after empty idols (i.e. any thing else) our hearts are pulled away from Him. We will be left empty.
  • We will tremble before Him.


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Yesterday I had the privileged of attending church at Grace Church in G. OK.
My grandparents go there and it was their first official Sunday in their new building.
It is such a sweet fellowship.
This post is based off the sermon.

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