Election Conviction

This evening, at the end of Roger's basketball practice, I was talking to Mrs. Annette.
She was telling me how her heart is heavy over this election.
As usual, the conversation turned to the fact that God is indeed sovereign.
He turns the heart of the king.

Mr. Annette told me that their Bible passage this morning was from Chronicles.
 It was a reminder that we should pray.

To be honest ya'll. 
I've been rather haphazard with my praying about the election.
I'm not sure if I just don't understand the significance of what could be
or if I just take God's sovereignty as license to ignore an issue.
Both things are no excuse.

I began thinking about the whole issue on the way home.
People quote 2 Chronicles 7:14
"if my people called by my name humble themselves and pray..." 
We call out the church and say "Repent!"
But who is the church?
The church is comprised of individual Believers.
That means me.

It is a call for ME to repent.
It is a call for ME to turn to Christ.
It is ME.

Ouch. With that thought came a flood of conviction. Ouch.

Oh LORD, be merciful to me!
Oh LORD, be merciful to us. Do not act in accordance with our sin.