Dry Run

It is pretty stinkin sweet to have a make-up artist as a friend.
She loves to do make-up and we love it when she does ours.
Today was a trial run of bridal hair and make-up.
 I guess you could call her a make-up junkie. 
The table was covered with a small selection of her favorite products.

 Did I mention she does hair too? 'Cause she does. I just can't prove it with a picture.
Finished Product.
(I should have gotten a before picture but alas, I "degot".)
Her eye make up is "killer". And the curls are *perfect*.
She is going to be one BEAUTIFUL bride.



  1. oh, she looks so pretty! your pictures are good, too! great job on makeup, Tara!

  2. Aw, you're so sweet! I had a blast with you guys today :)

  3. I agree, Tara is quite handy with make-up and curling irons, and you, 'Bekah, did a fabulous job with the camera! Quite honestly, though, Meg would be a beautiful bride with no makeup and bed-head. I'm just sayin' ;-)

  4. Thanks ya'll! And you are right, Ms. T, she would.

  5. beautiful. i need a make-up artist as a friend...i need to learn somethings:)


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